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Our Government and Corporate discounts give your organization the power to have fine art prints and photography services at the highest quality at an affordable price! 

NAICS Codes:

541922- Commercial photography services 

541922- Photographers specializing in aerial photography 

541922- photography studios, commercial 

511199- Fine art printing 

323111- Printing, digital

Capability Statement:

Gak Stonn LLC provides high-resolution digital photography services. Our  primary focus is scenic, landscape, wildlife, architectural, and aerial  photos. We specialize in multi-image panoramic photography for those  images that cannot be captured in a single shot. Our photography  services may be used for print, web, advertising, and archive purposes.  Our high-resolution cameras and technical Photoshop expertise  allow your vision to become reality.

In addition, Gak Stonn provides fine archival print services using  Epson 11880 large format printers and archival Epson inks. We print on a  number of archival media including the finest watercolor paper, canvas,  and metallic papers. We also provide options for exhibition of images  for single use presentations and long-term display including mounting  prints to foam-core, canvas stretching, and fully framed prints.

All of our print products are made in the United States.

Gak Stonn has been in business as a professional photographer and  printer for 10 years and serves the four state regions of Colorado, New  Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. We have worked with the National Forest  Service, Western National Park Association, Public Lands Interpretive  Association, Bureau of Land Management, University of New Mexico, U.S.  Senator Martin Heinrich's office, US Department of the Interior, and  many state and local agencies.

Promotional imagery of our photography services can be tailored to  your needs and provided by request. We produce mid-resolution files for  optimized viewing on large or small computer screens to show excellent  details and maximize vision.


“We  have worked with Mr. Stonn for several years at Great Sand Dunes  National Park in Colorado. As a supplier of high quality photographic  products Mr. Stonn supplied the park store at Great Sand Dunes with a  variety of products including notecards, postcards, and framed prints.  Mr. Stonn has been a very reliable and trustworthy supplier to work  with. He has consistently responded to our needs quickly and  professionally and we look forward to many more years of doing business  with his team.”


-Kris Illenberger, Field Operations Manager, Great Plains Region

“Gak Stonn has produced many fine art prints of the Carson National  Forest that we use for our many offices, retirement or special  achievement gifts for employees.  His panoramas of the Carson National  Forest are something we’ve found to best represent the incredible  natural beauty of this area.  We continue to use his services for his  gifted talents in photography and capturing the unique light and  landscapes of Northern New Mexico.  He responds quickly and delivers on  time and within budgets.”

-Kathy DeLucas, 
Public Affairs Officer, Forest Service Carson National Forest

“As the Curator of collections and exhibitions at the University of  New Mexico, Harwood Museum of Art, I have relied heavily on Gak Stonn  for six years. We frequently need fine art prints as well as high  resolution, digital photography. My first call is always to Gak Stonn. I  know I can rely on him, without hesitation, on timeliness, quality,  professionalism, and extraordinary professionalism. The pricing  structure works within the museum budget. Gak is patient with our  requests. The final product is always immaculate.”

-Jina Brenneman, Curator of collections and exhibitions at the University of New Mexico, Harwood Museum of Art

"The nursing department at the University of New Mexico, Taos has  used Gak Stonn's photography, design, and print services on several  occasions.  The quality of work that Gak produces is exceptional, and  his customer service, including timeliness, efficiency, and  responsiveness to our needs, is exemplary.  Gak Stonn consistently  exceeds our expectations, and I highly recommend his services and  professionalism."

-Melissa Offenhartz, RN, MA, Director, ADN-RN Program University of New Mexico Taos

“We have carried a variety of Mr. Stonn’s notecards, posters, and  postcards in our sales outlet at the visitor center for many years now,  and they have proven to be quite popular.  The quality of his products  are excellent, his service prompt, cheerful, and always professional,  and I look forward to maintaining a professional relationship with Mr.  Stonn for years to come.”                   

-Randy Roch, Lower Rio Grande Gorge Manager, BLM Taos

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